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Orthopedic Rounds


Everyone has questions about challenging, and even basic cases.

This is your opportunity to discuss cases with your colleagues and get information to help you diagnose and manage your cases.

Discuss topics of interest, present your case, show radiographs and videos of cases, and get some ideas and learn some new tricks.

  • Discuss topics related to orthopedics and lameness

  • Discuss your challenging cases

  • Get insight about radiographs and videos of your patients

  • Learn about diagnoses and treatments of orthopedic conditions

  • Discuss postoperative care

  • Discuss rehabilitation of orthopedic cases

This is an opportunity to get your specific, burning questions answered or at least get some direction or where to go.


And at an unbelievable price - $29 per year for monthly rounds sessions. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Orthopedic Rounds

    Every year
    Your chance to discuss orthopedic issues of your patients!
     30 day free trial
    • Monthly 1 hour virtual rounds by Zoom
    • This is your opportunity to discuss orthopedic conditions!

Sessions occur each month. Because of the differences in time zones, we will try to have two sessions, one session at 11 am EST, and the other at 3 pm EST.  


The dates are:


January 22

February 26

March 26

April 23 

May 28

June 25

July 23

August 20

September 17

October 22

November 19

December 17

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