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The information in on this website, the Member's Only page, and any instructional programs is for the educational purposes of veterinarians and veterinary professionals. The veterinarian is responsible for determining the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of patients. My Lame Dog’s Vet does not diagnose or treat dogs, but only provides educational information and cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss, harm or damage to animals or humans based on the information provided by


It is recommended that veterinarians receive additional training and/or consultation if uncertain how to apply the information from this website or any instructional programs. 


I agree to use the information in this program to further my ability to examine and diagnose orthopedic conditions of dogs.  I will not reproduce in any form or matter the information provided in this program for commercial use without the express permission of My Lame Dog’s Vet or Darryl Millis, DVM, PC.

Membership information that is provided by you will only be used to supply you with information related to We do not distribute or sell your personal information to third parties. 


No portion of this website, program (including video or audio portions), or intellectual property may be reproduced without the express written permission of My Lame Dog’s Vet or Darryl Millis, DVM, PC. Any individual, business, corporation, or other entity found liable for copyright infringement will face damages up to $150,000.

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Appointments for patients are available by referral. Contact the referral coordinator at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center

(865) 974-8387 


The information and opinions expressed on this website are the opinions of MyLameDogsVet and MyLameDog and do not reflect the views of any other party.

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