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NonSurgical Orthopedics and Orthopedic Imaging Courses

  • Many veterinarians feel overwhelmed when it comes to orthopedic conditions in dogs.

  • Some equate "orthopedics" with "orthopedic surgery" and feel intimidated when it comes to bone, joint, or muscle problems and simply give up. 

  • But that's not fair to you or to your patients.

  • Chronic pain due to orthopedic conditions is unacceptable

  • Up to 60% of large breeds of dogs have osteoarthritis

  • Far too many dogs endure chronic pain.

  • Why?

  • They are not recognized, diagnosed, or treated until they can barely move.

  • Why?

  • It's not because you can't -- it's because you need training!


We invite you to join the online NonSurgical Orthopedic Course and Orthopedic Imaging Course for veterinary professionals. Learn what you missed or forgot from veterinary college. Refresh your memory about various orthopedic conditions. Learn new techniques and skills to improve your ability to diagnose orthopedic conditions. Improve your income simply by diagnosing conditions that maybe you lacked the confidence to diagnose and treat.  And most importantly, initiate treatment to help alleviate pain and suffering of your patients.


  • Enroll now and you'll notice a difference in your confidence in evaluating orthopedic conditions and be able to help many, many patients that suffer from chronic pain!
  • Click on the descriptions of the courses to see what you will learn

The Nonsurgical Orthopedic program is approved for 8 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval. The Orthopedic Imaging Program is pending RACE approval.

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