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Minute With Millis

Get one (or two or five) minute tips on Orthopedic Topics

Exclusive to Members of the MyLameDogsVet Community!

NOTE: There is a known issue with iPhones and iPads in loading videos directly from websites. This is an Apple feature to avoid streaming charges. We are working to find a solution, but in the meantime, if you copy the link ONLY from the portion of the link and paste into a separate browser window, it should work. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

1. Pelvic Limb Lameness identification tip

2. Tips for Application of an Ehmer Sling

3. Tips for Cast Application to a Forelimb

4. Tips for Application of a Modified Robert Jones Bandage

5. Tips for Assessing Elbows for Fragmented Medial Coronoid

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